This site chronicles my solo RPG campaign, Dwimmersworn.

I’m running the OSR megadungeon campaign Dwimmermount by Grognardia’s James Maliszewski, using Shawn Tomkin’s fantastic Ironsworn ruleset.

All of my play sessions are documented in the session reports category.

Dwimmermount was designed for traditional dungeon-crawling with OSR retroclones like Labyrinth Lord, so Ironsworn is not an exact drop-in replacement; I’m having to make some adjustments. I’m using homebrew versions of Ironsworn’s Delve the Depths and Find an Opportunity moves alongside the published Dwimmermount keyed maps, but not treating the dungeon exploration as a Delve; actually exploring the locations as written replaces the more abstract progress trackers used by delves. Misses and weak hits on Delve the Depths give me the opportunities to spring the traps and wandering monsters that would otherwise be rolled if playing by the Dwimmermount book.

I’m playing this campaign digitally, using obsidian.md to store my notes in an ever-growing wiki. This blog post by Nicole van der Hoeven was very helpful in showing how obsidian can be used for RPG play.