Dwimmermount session one

Helgot has travelled from The City-State of Adamas to Muntberg, arriving a few days ago. In Adamas, he bonded with Jasper, a local sage.

Jasper will pay for a map of the Exarchate of Theana that he believes can be found in Dwimmermount, and may be willing to purchase other ancient maps as well. Helgot agrees to obtain the map, in return for pay, and signs a contract with Jasper to that effect.

Swear an Iron Vow, weak hit. More investigation is needed, and we don’t know for sure where the map is (or if it exists at all). I’ll be using Swear an Iron Vow to set up tasks and quests, but the ritualistic aspect of them doesn’t really suit the Dwimmermount campaign setting. They’ll still be mechanically the same, and my characters will treat their vowed obligations just as seriously.

Helgot decides to gather more information after arriving in Muntberg, hoping to find out how to get into Dwimmermount, and if anyone knows about the map. He spends time in the taverns and inns, particularly The Flask and Scroll Tavern, chatting to the locals and other adventure-seekers.

Gather Information, weak hit. We know how to get into Dwimmermount, but nothing of the map.

Luckily, rumors of the gates of Dwimmermount unlocking are the main topic of conversation, so Helgot soon gathers enough information to figure out where the entrance is likely to be. He endeavours to travel to the site the following day.

Muntberg and Dwimmermount are on adjacent hexes and connected by a well-known route, so I will not be using Undertake a Journey to get there; travel between the two seems simple enough. Hopefully the oracle continues to agree with me. 

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