The purpose of Dwimmermount

I’ve been reading through the original Grognardia blog posts about Dwimmermount, and I came across this quote on the original purpose of the Dwimmermount campaign that I thought was very instructive:

Dwimmermount is explicitly an experiment in seeing how both rules and campaigns develop organically through play […] Our game is diverging from the rules as written, but those divergences are not based on theory but on practice. We are in the process of creating our own game, unique from everyone else who plays, and it’s the embrace of this process that I see as at the heart of the old school.

The Purpose of Dwimmermount, Grognardia

I’m running my own Dwimmermount campaign with the Ironsworn rules. Being primarily designed as a solo or GM-less game, naturally Ironsworn uses a lot of Oracles to help guide events and narrative outcomes, which may seem at odds with using a published setting.

Knowing that Dwimmermount was originally allowed to grow organically, I’m finding there’s much to be enjoyed in letting the Oracles mutate the published word, resulting in a unique interpretation all of my own.

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